Certified Interfaces

What is BloodNet LIS Interface Certification?

The National Blood Authority in March 2016 introduced a validation and certification process for all BloodNet Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) interfaces. 

The goal of the BloodNet LIS Vendor Interface integration verification process is to ensure that the implementing LIS system can communicate successfully with the BloodNet LIS web services.  This greatly assists the successful implementation and verification of the BloodNet LIS interface for any LIS system.

This process also provides assurances to the developer of the BloodNet LIS interface, the NBA and your pathology service that with successful facility integration between the LIS and NBA LIS web services it will operate locally as expected.

Certified Interfaces

The following LISs have successfully completed the LIS Vendor Certification process.

LIS Date Certified



11 July 2016



This certification is subject to two exceptions for UnitFate Codes 7 ‘Reserve’ and 8 ‘SentTo’.
17 May 2017



7 June 2017



22 December 2017

TrakCare Laboratory

L2012 v3.3

8 January 2019



Note: This Facility certification is subject to three exceptions for UnitFate Codes 7 ‘Reserve’ and 8 ‘SentTo’ and 9 Convert’. Separately UnitFate Code 6 ‘AssumedTransfused’ also only runs once per day and does not poll regularly in real time.

29 September 2020
29 September 2020 

Any LIS Vendors who are certified are provided the following logo to use to identify that they are BloodNet LIS interface certified.

PIcture of BloodNet Lis certified logo

Further Information

If you would like any further information or want to discuss how you can enjoy the benefits of BloodNet-LIS interfaces, please contact the National Blood Authority: