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User Registration Tip Sheet

Creating an initial authorisation request



Submitting an Ig dispense request for an individual in BloodSTAR

Submitting Ig Authorisation Requests while Access to a Facility is Pending

* Previously Submitting an emergency authorisation

Recalling or resubmitting an authorisation request

    BloodSTAR Requesting a Product and Dose Change or an Additional Dose


    BloodSTAR Dose Change Requests 


    Requesting Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) Product

    Recording Review Outcomes

    Requesting an authorisation under a new condition

    Using the Medical Officer Homepage

    Medical Officer Notifications

    Changing between roles

    Transferring care of a patient to another specialist or facility

    Searching for a patient's authorisation request

    BloodSTAR SCIg Dose Request Tip Sheet

    Managing broken vials

    BloodSTAR Adding a Do Not Prescribe to a Patient Record

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